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At Feeling Uruguay Wine Tours we seek to provide memorable experiences that you can take home, through what we love the most: wine, quality food and friendship. What a best place for this than Uruguay and Argentina, and accompanied by your inside man in these wonderfully colorful cultures.
We can help you plan your wine tour in Uruguay, Mendoza or give you tips of places to visit and where to stay in Buenos Aires.
Damian was born in Mendoza, a place with a strong Malbec wine culture. When he arrived at Uruguay he was surprised of the high quality and new flavors of the Tannat grape grown in the wine regions of Colonia and Montevideo. So, missing home, loving wines and enjoying meeting new people, the situation was easy to fix... With the aim of sharing his experience, love and knowledge he started his own business to provide wine tours in Uruguay, and be a warm and highly educated host in South America.
We focus our tours as wine enthusiasts, with personal stories, anecdotes, life experience and showing the real history of our countries. We are ready to provide you with day trips and multy-day experiences.

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Uruguay and “Tannat”

Uruguay is South America's 4th most important wine producer, although only a small amount is exported. With around 270 wineries for a small country with a population of 3.5 million, Uruguay is located between the 30th and 35th parallels, about the same as Argentina, Chile, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.
Thanks to the immigration from the Basque country in South West France in the 19th century, it is nowadays the world's main producer of Tannat the “king of red full body wines”.

Argentina and "Malbec"

Mendoza is considered to be the best producer of Malbec in the world and it continues to be its greatest export variety.
Mendoza is located in the west central area of the country at the foothill of the Andes Mountain Range. It’s the most outstanding and prestigious viticulture region in Argentina, producing more than the 75% of the total production every year and at least 1200 wineries in the province.

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Uruguay - Wine Tours:
- Colonia (and Carmelo)
- Montevideo (and Canelones)
- Punta del Este

Mendoza · Argentina - Wine Tours:
- Lujan de Cuyo
- Maipú
- Uco Valley
- Andes

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My name is Damián and I was born and raised in Mendoza, Argentina. After getting a BA in Business Administration, I left Mendoza and started my tour company in Uruguay, always inside the wine world.

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Hi! I'm Diego and I'm sure we'll have a great time touring together. Join our tours!

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